Home Burglaries and Their Effects

burglary infographic

Burglary and home invasions are extremely rampant here in South Africa. Though some statistics claim the numbers are declining a little each year, there is no denying the problem is still endemic across the country. Residents and businesses face the herculean challenge of securing their premises & valuables from thieves and unauthorized individuals. Unfortunately, most people usually come up short in their efforts due to lack of sufficient knowledge. In the infographic, you will learn a couple of things about how home break-ins happen.

First, it is important to know that burglars have a way of picking their targets. Most of the times they exploit flaws in the security measures you have put in place. Your security shortcomings serve as an enticement for the thieves who would be more than happy to exploit. According to a survey that was carried out a while back, burglars confessed to considering certain factors before invading a home. 80% percent of respondents identified accessibility & security (or lack of) as the main reasons for targeting a home. In fact, burglars interviewed in police custody said they gained access into the home through unlocked doors and windows.

Another motivating factor for the thieves is a sign of high-value goods in the premises. After all, they would not be taking huge risks and putting lots of effort for a low-value reward. This takes us to yet another consideration which is proximity to their home. Being close by means that the burglar easily monitors your movement and can know if there are valuable items in the house or not, and the best time to act. Lastly, abandoned or isolated buildings are easy targets because it is very unlikely for the burglar to get caught.

When it comes to entry points, robbers will enter through the ground floor front and back doors, or windows. Houses without deadlocks and alarm systems are a lot easier to break in compared to those with these features. Most commonly stolen items include cash, jewelry, mobile phones, cameras, and laptops. Usually, they would strike between 6 am to 12 am on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. During these times, the majority of people are either preparing to leave home or are away at work. The first place they check is always the bedroom.

To be on the safe side, you could invest in a dog, a walking alarm system or security doors & screens. They will help deter burglars and in turn protect your valuables. However, a more appropriate method would be to hire our locksmith professionals in Roodepoort to boost your entire security system. We are readily available for free consultations on lock related issues. You should reach out to us for quality and affordable locksmithing. Our lines are open 24/7 for emergency installations, repairs, and maintenance. Call 087 551 0862 today!